Overwhelmed and Trapped

I don’t quite know why I like this so much, but I do. What do you think?

Broken Light Collective

Photo taken by contributor Samantha Pugsley, a 24-year-old conceptual fine art photographer from Charlotte, North Carolina. She first picked up a camera during her junior year of college. This was right around the time when she was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Things that were once easy became impossible for her. Getting dressed in the morning, shopping at the grocery story, driving her car…just living, was a panic attack waiting to happen. Photography helped her heal. With her camera she could start a conversation about what was going on in her head. She could say things with her images that she didn’t know how to say out loud. She still struggles with anxiety but making art helps her talk about it and manage it. She started a 365 photography project to ensure that she’d be doing what brings her joy every single day. She has noticed that her anxiety level…

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How I Know I’ve Been “Called In” To Work


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I honestly don’t know how interesting this will be, (if at all), but if you like it, would you let me know?  I’m a Leo, and I need a little boost now and then.  Just kidding!  How’s your St Patrick’s Day Monday going?  I am so delighted (yes, delighted!!!) that I no longer have to travel to New York City on the train during this holiday.  You used to hear me grumble “I hate St Patrick’s Day!”, and “It’s Amateur Night (a/k/a New Years) so let’s ride the rain, get sick and fall asleep!”  Hahahahahahah.  The pictures I should have taken!  Oh well.  If you are not from this area, you may want to have a look at this.  It’ll explain all of the above!

I was watching the wonderful Kim Russo on Haunting Of.  I love to watch her work.  She’s so smooth and seamless!  She hears/sees/feels and acknowledges immediately.  I do this weird jerking thing sometimes when I feel a spirit pull for attention.  It’s so stupid, but it’s really funny!  And that generally doesn’t happen until I’ve failed to recognize any of the “calling cards” being thrown my way.  I try to think about something and then I end up hearing a song in my head, or visualizing a door, or something else fairly clear and obvious, and I won’t return to my original thought for varying amounts of time.

Sometimes, an hour or two before a reading it happens, odd things begin to happen.  A remote will fall from the couch when no one is on it and it wasn’t in an unsafe position. Knocking.  Banging.  Something falling.  That means someone wants to be an early bird and share that excitement that someone they love is coming because of them.  9 times out of 10 I’ll be thinking nothing of these things, and just let them factor into the background noise. Can you imagine how frustrating that must be to a spirit?  Later, after I’ve meditated and prepared, I get it.  It’s clear immediately (and then I don’t get pushed!)

Just now, as I was planning this post, I felt a song pushed into my head.  Like the old jukeboxes used to grab the old record or cd and pull in the new one.  It’s not a song I’m familiar with – wait!  No, I know it.  It’s a Bread song.  “Every Thing I Own” – I’m hearing the lyrics “You Sheltered Me From Harm, Kept Me Warm, Kept Me Warm.”  Hmmmm, I wonder who this is from, who it is for, and what it means. I’m sure I’ll be getting a call soon! 

When I was a kid, the messages I got were vivid and clear.  Maybe too much so.  I think that’s why I turned it off for such a long time.  The sad thing is that you cannot turn it off, only cover it and try to drown it out.  It’s exhausting.  It feels great to embrace this full time now and be able to share my gift.  I hope you’re all having a great Monday and that some of you have a good hangover remedy ready for the morning!


See you later!

It’s a Rededication Across The Nation. Well, No. Just Here. In Hicksville!


Yup.  I’m throwing my other interests and diversions to the side.  In a pile.  With lots of other stuff.  I’m devoting myself to my readings and to the spirits who really like to talk to me.  That’s clairaudience for you.  You get these voices that seem to come from other rooms, but they bring great insight.  And thankfully no insanity!


I love to provide insightful and compassionate information blended with a little humor and a lot of love.  I know its what I was put here to do, so I gotta do it!  I hope you’ll decide to give me a call one day so we can chat about life and get on with the reading.  I promise, you won’t be hearing my backstory.  That’s not what you’re paying for.  It’s all about you and that which is effecting you. 


Let me know what you’d like to read about here, and if you’re interested in some videos.  And don’t hesitate to call me at (516) 495-9775. 

Hope to see you all here quite regularly!

Cheesy Documentary On Witchcraft From The 70s!

Sometimes Dangerous Minds hits it right on the nose, and this is one of those times!  It runs the gamut of the real “Old Religion” straight through old, stiff lipped Brits talking about evil rites and murders that clearly have nothing to do with Wiccan beliefs.  I love the presenter.  He reminds me of Alan Partridge!

Maxine Sanders, Back In The Day!

This was a lot of fun to watch.  Doreen Valiente was my favorite part – I wonder what yours will be!  The 70s style naked people running around in circle??  Enjoy!

Dangerous Minds | ‘The Power Of The Witch’ – super rare British witchcraft documentary from 1971.

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A Sunday in February, Or “What The Hell Happened To This Month?”

So did someone hit a switch on a flux capacitor somewhere?  It’s like I hit 45 (okay, a few years ago – just shush) and time just started to slide by like it was skateboarding on a banana peel.  So much is changing, moving and flowing that it’s kind of making me dizzy.  Plus – mortgage payments feel like they’re weekly!  

I love tea, and I bought a whole lot of it from Clipper Ship Tea in Northport.  I love that store.  I think the owner runs and hides when she sees me, so I think I should cool it for a bit!  I buy honey, all different kinds of tea, honey dispensers, basically anything that I can justify buying when I happen to be there.  It’s so beautiful inside too.  They have samples of 3 to 6 or even more different kinds of tea, and they provide you with these cute real ceramic tea cups for you to try each of them.  I always, ALWAYS end up buying one of those teas, or another of my favorites.  They’ve also turned me into a honey FREAK.  They let me try all the different honeys they carry, but one day I decided to buy a honey that comes in such limited quantities that they couldn’t offer samples.  It’s local, and I’ve always heard that this is good when you have allergies and crap like that, so I sprung for it.  $20 for a medium jar of honey.  It is the most incredible substance I have ever experienced.  I’m promising you – I was on the verge of my 3rd sinus infection in 2 and a half months – gone.  Just cleared up.  The whole family is healthier (knock on wood!) and it has much to do with both the honey and the teas.  


Please ignore the Skippy in the background! Pay no attention to that or the flag that is stuck in the fake orchid plant!!!!

I loved the flavor and the color of this honey so much that I called the beekeeper.  Is that weird?  I wanted him to know that this was a magickal thing, and that his bees are awesome.  I also wanted to know if I could buy it any closer to my home than at the tea store.  I was on the phone with the man for an hour.  A Whole Hour.  It was fascinating.  I’m scared of bees, though I treasure them, and I would love to see this bees/beekeeper relationship in action.  

Something very odd just happened while I was writing this post, drinking my tea with honey.  I nearly choked to death. I got through it, but it was scary.  I must have slammed the keyboard while I was trying to breathe, and when I came back, this is what was typed beneath my previous paragraph!


I’m going to take that as a cosmic “grade”!